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5-Star Stock Picker: Where to Get ‘Absolute Return’


While some strategists anticipate the beginning of a market correction, Mark Travis, CEO of Intrepid Capital Funds, said there are still opportunities in this environment. But investors may have to “dig harder” than this time last year.

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“I’m interested in absolute return,” Travis told CNBC.

“With the rapid rise in prices since the March lows, a lot of securities have reached our private market value. So I’ve probably been a net liquidator over the course of the third quarter.”

Travis said there are still names that offer attractive value, from small companies to larger ones.(Scroll down to see his stock picks.)

Additionally, Travis said the markets will likely move higher based on skepticism amongst investors.

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“We had a great opportunity last fall in the stock and the bond markets and we took advantage of it. And that’s what we’re reaping the benefit of today."

"But I think it’s materially harder to find attractive valuations right now,” he added.

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Travis has investment banking clients who own shares of PBH, BCR and TRV.