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If Yanks Win, Merchandise Will Fly Off Shelves

Mitch Modell hasn't slept too well the last couple of days.

"We have all these charts and templates on how much we have to order at each stage if the Yankees win," said Modell, the CEO of Modell's, the Yankees official sporting goods retailer. "My eyes have crossed looking at all these numbers."

New York Yankees

It's not as if all this math is making Modell upset. He says that if the Yankees ultimately beat the Phillies, it will be the biggest thing to happen to Modell's, which has been around for 120 years.

"Bigger than the Subway Series in 2000," said Modell, who has brought in 600 temporary workers to handle sales at the company's 90 New York-area stores if the Yankees win.

Why is it so big? Modell says it's because Yanks fans have been waiting so long.

"People are sick of having the same stuff in their closet," Modell said. "They haven't had new World Series champs gear to wear in nine years."

Modell says the item that he's fighting to keep in stock is the Yankees cap with the World Series logo patch with inaugural season written on it, referring to the opening of the new stadium this year.

The cost for the hat is hardly an economic play. It's $35.99.

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