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3 'Clear Sailing' Mid-Caps For Investors: Strategist

Investors ought to consider putting their money into some mid-cap stocks, said Patrick Dunkerley, lead portfolio manager at Scout Mid Cap Fund.

“Most investors tend to focus on the large and small caps and very little media and investor attention is focused on the mid-caps,” Dunkerley told CNBC. “And mid-caps have a very good performance track record, both on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.”

Dunkerley recommended the following mid-cap stocks:

Lam Research  



“We think we’re still early in the economic recovery,” said Dunkerley. “We think unemployment will top out in the first half of 2010 and when that happens, revenue and earnings for a lot of these companies will accelerate and we think it’s clear sailing for the market and stocks like these for the next 6 to 9 months until the Fed decides to raise interest rates and you get a little bit of a correction, but if we get beyond that, longer-term, it looks good.”

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