Market Tips: Hold Off Oil for Now

Global stocks gained Monday as gold hit a fresh new record above $1,130 an ounce. Experts told CNBC the energy sector face a malaise in the short-to-medium term, but Asia still holds a lot of investment potential.

Bearish on Oil in Short Term

The energy sector will not be a stand-out in the short-to-medium term, says Peter McGuire managing director, CWA Global Markets.

New Energy Hot Spots

Offshore West Africa is one of the new hot spots in the energy space, specifically Angola, Nigeria and Ghana, says Dominick Chirichella, co-founder, Energy Management Group. He told CNBC that offshore oil fields are now very popular, like in Brazil and Mexico, with international oil companies.

Cherry Picking in Greater China

As Paul Pong, MD of PEGASUS Fund Managers, sees the Hang Seng hitting 25,000 points by year-end, he reveals how he is planning to cash in on this market rise.

Hot Sector Picks in Asia

Continue to buy commodity, tech and auto stocks, suggests Clay Carter, head of international equities at Perennial Investment Partners.

Software Market to Grow in Asia

2009 is worst year on record for technology spending, says Peter Sondergaard, global head of research at Gartner. He tells CNBC that the worst hit market is hardware, whereas the software market will grow in Asia.

Hard for Asia to be Domestic-Driven

It will be hard for Asia to become more domestically-driven as investors tend to save more, says Ron Napier, head of Napier Investment Advisors.

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

Asia Positioned for a Domestic Recovery

Asia is still positioned for a domestic recovery, says Simon Godfrey, investment specialist at Fortis Investments. He tells CNBC what he is buying to capitalize on this.

Impact of a Rising Yuan on the Dollar

China will probably allow the yuan to appreciate some time in mid-to-late 2010, believes David de Garis, director & senior economist at NAB Global Markets Research. He tells CNBC what this means for the dollar going forward.

Charting Yuan's Rise

China is unlikely to allow the yuan to appreciate rapidly, believes Jerry Lou, China strategist at Morgan Stanley. He tells CNBC when that is likely to happen.

More M&A Activity in 2010 Expected

Expect to see more M&A activity in 2010, says Glenn Rosewall, managing director and CEO of BBY.