By the Numbers

CPI Details: Where the costs are rising

The Consumer Price Index, a measure of the average price level of a basket of consumer goods and services, was up 0.3% for the month of October, while the core CPI rate, excluding energy and food, rose 0.2%.  On a year-over-year basis, consumer prices were down .2%.

Here is a breakdown of the inflation benchmark to show you where costs are rising most.  

  • CPI:  Up +.3%
    • Ex Food & Energy: Up +.2%
    • Food: Up +.1%
    • Energy: Up +1.5%
  • Housing: Up +.09%
  • Apparel: Down  -.35%
  • Transportation: Up +1.37%
  • Medical Care: Up +.18%
  • Recreation: Down -.38%
  • Education & Communication: Up +.16%
  • Other Goods & Svcs: Up +.26%

The change in core CPI figures show that at least for now, inflation is not an issue.  Following the news, the futures remained flat.  In the pre-markets, American Express, Bank of America , General Electric , Johnson & Johnson , and Walmart are leading the Dow to the upside. 

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