Market Tips: Don't Get Burned Holding Greenbacks

Global stocks were mostly lower Thursday as concerns about the pace of the recovery reared its head. Experts told CNBC they expect dollar weakness for some time to come and suggest staying out of cash.

Cash is a Risky Asset

These days, cash is a very risky asset, particularly if one is holding U.S. dollars, says Roger Groebli, executive director of LGT Capital Management. He tells CNBC what he is doing with his money.

End of Weak Dollar Trend?

We are not seeing the end of the weak dollar trend, believes Peter Whitley, senior FX analyst at Thomson Reuters.

Shanghai Composite Could Hit 3,400 by Christmas

The Shanghai Composite could hit 3,400 points by Christmas, says Daryl Guppy, CEO of He explains his upbeat outlook.

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

Volatility Will Continue in 2010

Market volatility is expected to continue next year, says Louis Cheung, Group President at Ping An Insurance, adding that China is not immune to that.

Gold Could Hit $1,200

Gold prices could hit $1,200, as inflation remains a valid concern over the next few years, says Greg Bundy, vice chairman at AIMS Financial Group.