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Events From The Past 10 Years

Like every other decade, the last 10 years were filled with highs and lows. What may make this decade stand out more than others are the extremes.

Fresh off the dud that was the Y2K scare, the dot-com bubble hit its height with the takeover of Time Warner by AOL. The Internet-hype-fueled deal led humor website The Onion to predict the eventual buyout of General Motors by BlairWitchProject.com.

A decade later, GM declared bankruptcy and has been bailed out by the U.S. government. Meanwhile, Amazon.com, while never hitting one analyst’s infamous $400 per share prediction, is sitting north of $130, higher than it ever was during the tech bubble.

Between that, war, terrorism, natural disasters and environmental awareness made geopolitical headlines.

Now, the world is just starting to emerge from unprecedented turmoil in the financial sector, and, having weathered one of the worst global recessions ever, we take a look back.

Posted 1 Dec 2009 | Photo: AP