Market Tips: Get in US, Europe Right Now

Global stocks hit a 14-month high on Thursday as news that Bank of America would repay $45 billion in TARP funds injected optimism into the financial sector. Gold also hit another new high above $1,125 an ounce as investors chased equities, commodities and other risky assets.

Experts told CNBC that investors should get into the markets now, especially in the U.S. and Europe and that gold's record-breaking run could carry on.

Expose Your Portfolio to US, Europe

Investors should get in right now, says Sani Hamid, director of Wealth Management at Financial Alliance, especially in market laggards like U.S. and Europe.

Markets See Momentum Next Year

There is a lot of momentum in markets leading into next year, says Martin Lakos, division director at Macquarie Private Wealth.

Skeptical About Current Rally

Hans Goetti, CIO of LGT Bank in Liechtenstein, is skeptical about the sustainability and durability of the current rally.

Eye on Bank of America

If the investors treat the Bank of America news positively, it could help push the S&P 500 higher, says Scott Redler, chief strategic officer of

Go for Gold

Buy on strong pullbacks in gold, advises John DiPlacido oil trader and president at Energex.

Gold May Hit $1,350 by Easter

Peter McGuire, MD of CWA Global Markets, sees more upside for spot gold prices. He tells CNBC that he expects the precious metal to reach $1,350 a troy ounce by Easter.

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

Don't Chase Gold at Current Levels

Don't chase gold at the $1,220 range, advises Scott Redler, chief strategic officer of He reveals what is a good level to get back into the precious metal.

Oil To Stay Rangebound Short-Term

Peter McGuire, MD of CWA Global Markets, says oil will hover around $80 in the short-term.

Cashing In on Malaysia's Palm Oil Plays

From a long-term perspective, palm oil plantations look attractive, says Tan Teng Boo, CEO of Tan also reveals how he is cashing in on this in Malaysia.

How to Play the Yen

If the dollar-yen weakens to 90, use it as an opportunity to take on long yen positions again, says Olivier Desbarres, director of FX strategy at Credit Suisse.