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The Naughtiest Office Party of the Year

The Home Base Supply Co., based in Brooklyn, N.Y., is encouraging all guests at its holiday party to flirt with colleagues, take photos with sexy Santas and compete for Hottest Employee of the Year. This may sound highly inappropriate - and it would be - if Home Base Supply Co. were a real company.

Last year's party
Tod Seelie

The fictional corporation and very real holiday party are the brainchildren of Brooklyn Based, a local events and lifestyle Web site, and FIPS, a Brooklyn-based blog.

"This is the one opportunity to hit on your colleagues and behave as badly as you'd like without fear of pissing off your bosses," said Nicole Davis, publisher of Brooklyn Based.

Interns have been hired (in exchange for drink tickets) to make sure the evening runs smoothly, and all "employees" are encouraged to visit human resources (aka on-site matchmakers) at the end of the night to help facilitate a date with a "coworker."

Unlike most office parties, Home Base Supply Co.'s is open to anyone. Those interested in competing for Hottest Employee of the Year must send a racy fax to the company ahead of time. For the fax number, additional information and tickets for this naughty office party - being held Wednesday, Dec. 9 - visit BrooklynBased.net.