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Gold Not a Bubble, Silver a Better Buy: Rogers

Commodities are still a great place to invest, while some currencies also offer value and investors should stay away from US stocks and bonds, Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Thursday.


Rogers has long been bullish on commodities, especially since central banks started to print money to combat the financial crisis.

He is holding gold right now and despite the recent spike in the metal's price, said he things the market is not experiencing a bubble.

"I wouldn't think of selling," Rogers said. "If gold goes to $1,000 (per ounce) -- or pick a number -- I hope that I'm smart enough to buy more."

With central banks now buying gold and many people worried about paper money, gold will be a great investment over the next decade and relatively few people are invested in it, he said.

At a speech in Prague Rogers surveyed about 300 people, including big money managers, and 76 percent had never owned gold, he said.

"So when you say it's a bubble … nobody owns gold yet," Rogers said.

Still, silver is preferable, with silver 70 percent off its all-time high and gold near it's all-time high, he said.

Agriculture indexes are also good to own, he added.

Learn Foreign Exchange

Investors should also learn about foreign currencies, which will be great opportunities, Rogers advised.

One on One with Jim Rogers

If a short-term rally in the dollar happens, the yen, Swiss Franc and Canadian dollars could all benefit, he said.

Rogers does not have any money in US stocks because the market is up about 70 percent in eight-to-ten months.

"I don't like to buy anything like that," he said. "I'm sceptical of the economy going forward."

He also reiterated his view that the US bond market is the next bubble.