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Go For Property in Asia's Mass Markets: Analyst

Despite a recent jump in real estate prices in Singapore and Hong Kong, Tim Murphy, managing director of IP Global Limited is still upbeat on the sector, especially in mass market property.

"If you want to make real money in real estate, you should be buying stuff which is at the mass market level, that's where the demand is in the region," Murphy said on CNBC's Asia Squawk Box.

Go For Properties in Asia's Mass Markets

Murphy said the yields were better in smaller units than in the million-dollar homes, driven by demand from new families.

"I'll be looking at areas with great transport links in actually the cheaper end of the market, not the stuff that makes the news," he added.

"If you look at Hong Kong and Singapore, they've had an incredible run of maybe 3-6 months. Particularly at the high end, property markets have gone off the scales 20-30%," Murphy noted. "But that's sort of media news."

People get fixated on high-end numbers, particularly in Singapore, where people have bought into the whole Marina casino concept, he added.

"If you look at the mass market in both Singapore and Hong Kong, they've performed fairly steadily of about 10-15% these last 3-6 months. That's not even recouping some of the losses that we saw in 2007-2008, particularly in Singapore. So I think the fundamentals of these markets are still extremely strong."