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Market Tips: Real Carry Trade Is In Credit

Global stocks were lower on Tuesday as investors waited for a wave of U.S. earnings reports to give them a feel of how well the micro side of the global economic recovery is faring.

Experts told CNBC they see the carry trade in credit as opposed to currencies, as well as giving an outlook on Asian markets' performance for the year.

The Real Carry Trade Is in Credit

The real carry trade is not in currencies, but in credit, says Mark Dow, senior portfolio manager at Pharo Management.

Pound Has Room to Rise

The pound has further room to appreciate, says John Kyriakopoulos, head of currency strategy at NAB Global Markets Research. He talks about the factors driving the sterling higher.

Short the Euro

Scott Haslem, chief economist at UBS tells CNBC that he is short on the euro.

Lower Volatility Expected This Year

Expect 2010 to be a year of lower volatility in the global economy, says Simon Warner, head of macro markets at AMP Capital Investor.

Markets Will Recover from China's Tightening

The markets will gradually recover from China's recent tightening measures, says Vicks Poon, head of investment advisory at Fubon Bank.

HK Job Market at Turning Point

Hong Kong's job market is at a turning point, says Sebastien Barbe, senior economist at Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank. He believes improving employment and private consumption will bode well for Asian economies and currencies in the coming quarters.

Japanese Stocks Still Offer Value

The Japanese equity market still offers value, says Mark Matthews, strategist at Macquarie Capital Securities. He explains why he finds NTT and Family Mart attractive.

Australia Market Seen Weak in 2010

Expect some weakness in the Australian market ahead of the earnings season, says Hugh Dive, senior equities analyst at Investors Mutual. He explains why Aussie shares will likely be flat-to-lower this year, while Ray Barros, CEO at Ray Barros Trading Group shares his technical perspective.

India's Stock Market to Outperform

Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio management at Barclays Wealth expects India's stock market to outperform in 2010. He also likes quality alternatives in the Chinese consumer, F&B and IT space, saying they will continue to deliver good earnings growth.

Ride on Increased Global Trade

Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio management at Barclays Wealth says shipbuilders, containers and operators will benefit from increased global trade. He gives his sector recommendations on this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Outperform on Sinopharm

Du Jinsong, director and regional healthcare research analyst at Credit Suisse, explains why he has an outperform rating on Sinopharm. Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading finds out what the charts say.

Chalco A Long-Term Opportunity

Chalco has flagged that it would make a loss in 2009. Henry Chan, director and head of research at Quamnet says the Chinese firm presents long-term opportunities as the global economic recovery will raise demand for resources and boost Chalco's earnings in the coming years.