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Super Bowl Ticket Should Be A Cheaper Buy This Year

Buying a Super Bowl ticket in recent years has been an investment. The average price for a ticket bought on StubHub over the last six years has been $2,983.

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts hold up a 'Super Bowl' sign in the fourth quarter as the Colts took on the New York Jets during the AFC Championship Game.
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But the matchup of teams this year should make the price somewhat cheaper, according to Robert Tuchman, executive vice president of Premiere Global Sports, a company that structures travel packages for corporate America.

Tuchman says that even though it’s the Saints first trip to the Super Bowl, the fact that fans can take a 13-hour car ride to the game affects things.

“When people come in a car, they’re more willing to wait until they get to the location to buy tickets,” Tuchman said. “When you fly, you almost feel like you have to get the ticket more in advance, which often means you’re paying more.”

Tuchman also said that the ticket price on the secondary market will be stabilized by the fact that diehard Colts fans already spent money to be at the game three years ago, where the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears. Pushed by the Chicago market, that year's Super Bowl ticket was a StubHub record, with an average price $4,004 a seat.

StubHub reported on Sunday night that the average ticket sold on the site thus far has gone for $2,679. That’s $74 higher than the ticket was at this time last year. That ticket fell to an average price of $2,402.

Corporate America will be seen in Miami, but Tuchman says additional ticket buys from companies in Indianapolis and New Orleans will be minimal.

Said Tuchman: “If the Jets won, my phone would be ringing off the hook right now.”

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