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Cramer: Bernanke Is Doing 'Everything Right'

In Wednesday's Stop Trading! segment, Cramer gave his views on the two big events of the day: the AIG hearings on the hill and Apple's release of the iPad.

The Congressional hearings has made headlines, and with the government's policymakers sternly questioned, what grade does Cramer give the Federal Reserve and Treasury heads? 

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Although in the past, he has has strongly criticized Ben Bernanke, Cramer thinks the Fed chariman is doing "everything right." Confident in this, Cramer said Bernanke will not let us slip back into a recession, pointing out that Bernanke is a well-versed student of the great depression. Cramer also thinks Tim Geithner is doing a good job, saying that he's impressed by what the Treasury Secretary has done.

Another major event today was around Apple's newest release: the iPad. After seeing the product, Cramer wants one immediately. Despite speculation that the device will face connectivity difficulties using the AT&T network, Cramer predicts an increase in sales for the whole Apple family of products when consumers visit the stores to purchase the iPad. Cramer is bullish on Apple and strongly thinks that the company is a buy.

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