Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

How Do You Know if Your Toyota May Have Suspect Accelerator?


Think you may own one of the 2.3 million Toyota models being recalled because of a potentially dangerous accelerator?   It's easy to find out for sure.

The issue involves Toyota models made in the U.S. with accelerators coming from a U.S. supplier.  Similar models built in Japan with a gas pedal coming from a Japanese supplier are not effected.  So it comes down to figuring out where your car or truck was built.

To do that, look at the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the small metal plate on the dash board by the windshield on the drivers side.  If the VIN starts with the letters "JT" it is a model built in Japan.  The Japanese made models are not the problem.

If your VIN does not start with JT, it is made in the U.S. and has the accelerator pedals in question.


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