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My 3 Big-Pharma Stock Picks: Miller Tabak's Funtleyder

With the health care reform in doubt, are some pharmaceutical stocks poised to pop? Les Funtleyder, health care strategist at Miller Tabak, discussed his best stock picks.

Pharma Picks & Pans

“Reform may be dead for the time being, but we will inevitably get some health care reform because our situation is unsustainable,” Funtleyder told CNBC.

“We haven’t heard the last of reform.”

Funtleyder said he likes Merck, Novartis and Bristol-Myers.

"They all have new drugs coming out," he said of the companies.

“We are getting some multiple expansion. You're seeing these stocks in the transitional mode, where they're doing deals and they're trying to get their acts together in terms of pipeline," he said.

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Funtleyder does not own shares of MRK, NVS, or BMY.