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One-on-One With Archie Manning

Darren: Peyton turned out to be an incredible on-camera endorser (and actor if you count his appearance on "Saturday Night Live"). Did you see this in him?

Archie Manning
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Archie: I wouldn’t necessarily have predicted it. Peyton has always been conscientious and he’s kind of intense and he’s got a good work ethic but to really be good at ads? I don’t know. His older brother Cooper was always kind of the family clown and comedian and I know he has helped Peyton a little bit with delivery. I know when he did "Saturday Night Live," Cooper had a couple of ideas for skits that they used, but I think its just Peyton just trying to do well.   

Darren: What has it been like to film some ads with him?

I’ve done spots with him. Now you better be ready when you do a spot with Peyton. You better have your lines ready. He doesn’t believe in an eight-hour shoot. He thinks an eight-hour shoot can be done in about 2 and half hours.  We’ve been proud of Peyton but he kind of attacks a commercial like he does a game — he wants to do well. 

Darren: You are in plenty demand here too down here in Miami. Do you like doing speaking engagements and endorsing products?

Archie: I’ve always done a lot of speaking and that's kind of one of the things I do. At my age, being involved in commercials and products, I’m really not seeking that. I think several of the associations that Peyton and Eli have, the companies have asked for me to be a part of it because for one, they're not available during the season and I can be available. I’m glad to do it if they want me to do be a part of it, but I don’t really push that. I do enjoy speaking. Sometimes the travel part of it can get to you, but I’ve always enjoyed speaking. I love meeting people and companies and groups. Most of its motivational and that’s really been very enjoyable for me.

Darren: There's a popular prop bet on you — you might have heard. It asks bettors to bet how many times CBS will show you during the Super Bowl.

Archie: One of my friends told me that. Maybe they won't find us. We’ll see.

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