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The White House Has Never Been So Funny

The financial crisis may still be with us.

We may not have learned the right lessons from it.

Maybe a lot of mistakes were made over the last 30 years leading up to it. Maybe not. ?


Either way, you gotta laugh. ?

Oscar winning director Ron Howard has gathered together alums from Saturday Night Live—plus Jim Carrey—for a hilarious take on the challenges President Barack Obama faces in creating a consumer agency "to protect families".

In the video , current SNL castmember Fred Armisen plays the President, who has a very bad dream, in which every President going back to Gerald Ford bursts into his bedroom to give him advice.

For example, when the President chastises former President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) about dumping regulations during his terms in office, Clinton responds, while leering at the First Lady, "Dude, it was the '90s. People did all kinds of (pause) crazy things." ?

George H.W. Bush (Dana Carvey) and George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) snipe at each other after Bush 41 suggests that Bush 43 should have raised taxes. "I would've had one term," says 43. "Yeah, and that second term of yours was a real victory lapper, wasn't it, dubbers?" replies his dad. ?

There's Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter and Chevy Chase back as Gerald Ford, with some confusion as to which one is still living. But the biggest laughs may come from Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan, who rises from the dead to tell President Obama he's there "to help Mr. 'Reach Across The Aisles' here to grow a pair." ?

Ron Howard is trying to send a political message here through the comedy .

At the end of the video he directs viewers to , an organization which describes itself as "a rapid response team, nationwide, that can be activated to protect our communities against just this kind of devastation."  ?

You may not agree with the message, but it's hard not to laugh when "Obama" asks "Bush" how he managed to get into the White House. "The security code is still 1-2-3-4 from when I was President," Ferrell replies. "It only took me five times to remember it."

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