Two-Way Street

Patting Ourselves on the Back

An old journalism professor of mine often said "honk your own horn, because no one is going to do it for you." So I'm honkin.'

Our little ole Web site has been honored by the

Society of American Business Editors and Writers with a "General Excellence" award for its online category. Our "" feature was given a separate honor as well. (That one got nominated for an Emmy too, but we didn't win. Oh well).

I'm particularly gratified by the SABEW honor. was essentially relaunched at the end of 2006 with a new investor focus in mind. A lot of people here have worked hard to bring that mission home. It's nice to have a milestone like this to recognize your progress.

And I'd like to give SABEW some props as well. This organization has deep roots in the newspaper business, but was quick to pick up on the importance of televised business news (my old pal Myron Kandel of CNN is a past president) and to recognize the advent of the Internet. It's an organization that recognizes it's the quality of the financial journalism, not the platform, that matters.

Other Web winners for general excellence in financial news? (a partner) and (my former employer). Not shabby company either.