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Mad Mail: A Play on the iPad?

Booyah Jim: I called about EV Energy partners. You were not sure about the big yield, but that you would do some research on this stock. With the Olympics throwing the show off of its normal schedule, I did not see you mention anything. I am still very interested in getting your point of view of this high yielding stock, which has done so well for my portfolio. Can I count on this dividend, or is it time to move on? Thank you for all you do for us small investors!! - Roger from Ohio

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Cramer says: “I believe your dividend is safe, should be safe. EVEP is a master limited partnership, or energy trust, involved in acquisition, production and development of oil and natural gas properties, like Linn Energy, which we recommended on the show. We like these MLPs because they have massive yields, and the distributions get favorable tax treatment. Now EVEP yields 9.7 percent and it generates enough cash to keep its dividend at that level. So if you own it, I wouldn’t sell it. That said, EVEP has come up 256 percent from its low on Nov. 21 of 2008, and I would rather own an exploration and production name with unconventional assets, like the shale plays I always talk about - like Range Resources or Chesapeake Energy.”


Booyah Jim: Another company that could see strong pin action is Electronic Arts. I know it was recently pole axed, but ERTS has a huge game base that it can quickly port to the iPad. Since the vast majority of the development is done for these games, there sales will run right to the bottom line. – Arthur

Cramer says: “I have been with ERTS recommending it since it went to $18, all the way down. The stock has disappointed twice since I recommended it. Yet, it’s only down a dollar from there. That tells me I think we are okay.”

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