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Why Michael Strahan Is Pitching Baseball Bats

I was sitting on my couch the other night when I saw Michael Strahan with a baseball bat in his hand endorsing a new Easton Stealth Speed bat for Sports Authority.

Here’s the spot.

Michael Strahan? Really? A former defensive end is better than anyone else out there? Better than any active or retired baseball player?

After I tweeted about it, the fine folks at E-Poll Market Research in Encino, Calif., actually told me that there was a pretty good reason for Strahan to be in the spot. Their E-Score actually shows that Strahan is ranked among the funniest active and retired athletes.

Here’s the E-Score Funniest Athletes List, in order of how funny people think they are.

1.    Bam Margera

2.    Dwyane Johnson

3.    Terry Bradshaw

4.    John Salley

5.    George Foreman

6.    Warren Sapp

7.    Howie Long

8.    Michael Strahan

9.    Mike Golic

10.  John Madden

Strahan's other deals include Vasoline Men and Subway.

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