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Market Tips: Fortune Favors the Patient

Global stocks were mostly higher on Thursday but the dollar hovered near a 10-month high versus the euro as investors remain concerned about the stability of the euro zone on the back of ongoing Greek troubles and a downgrade of Portuguese debt.

Experts told CNBC it is tricky finding good stocks at the moment and that investors should be patient in waiting for the right time to get back in.

Wait it Out

Michael McCormick, Director at Belvedere Share Managers says it's difficult to find stocks that are doing good at the moment... the best bet is to just stay put. He talks about some good future investments.

Long & Short Term Commodities

An under-investment in both agriculture and industrial commodities causes a long term bull run in commodities, says Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, Equities Analyst at RBS. He talks about his views in this sector.

Consumer Confidence Rising

Customer confidence is returning, especially in retail sector, and that's good news for the market says Bruce Rockowitz, president of Li & Fung.

Equities Hot in Australia

A recent survey shows that Australian equities continue to be a favorite for investors, says Scott Bennett, Associate Portfolio Manager of Russell Investments. He talks about the split between bulls and bears within investment.

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