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Eldorado’s Deflated EGO


Gold has its cycles like any other asset, Cramer told views on Tuesday, and another one is just starting up. Both the precious metal itself and its related stocks tend to pause in March before roaring back in April, which is just where we are right now. So how do you play it?

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The Gold Standard?

Cramer’s a fan of buying bullion first, and he especially like the exchange-traded fund that tracks gold, SPDR Gold Shares . But among the stocks he’s always been partial to Eldorado , a stock that’s up 32% since the CEO last appeared on Mad Money, back in August.

But while EGO typically outperformed both the GLD and rival Agnico-Eagle , another Mad Money favorite, the stock in 2010 is down 3%. Meanwhile SPDR ETF is up 5% and AEM is up 11%. What’s going on here? That’s what Cramer wanted to know, which is why he invited CEO Paul Wright onto the show. Watch the video for the full interview.

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