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Mickey Drexler on Steve Jobs' Wardrobe


Apple is known for style. Each new product says "wow".

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs

CEO Steve Jobs' personal style, however, has been the subject of much debate, praise, and consternation over the years.

Same black mock turtleneck.

Same blue Levi's.


Lore has it that Jobs decided long ago to buy several black turtlenecks and several pairs of jeans so that he wouldn't ever have to waste time figuring out what to wear.

Kind of like going to Catholic school and wearing a uniform. Well, sorta.

Today on "Power Lunch," Appleboard member and J. Crew CEO Millard "Mickey" Drexler had a sad admission to make.

Steve Jobs does not wear J. Crew.


J. Crewstock has tripled in a year, yet Drexler spent much of the interview heaping praise on Apple . "I admire them of the most fashionable, creative companies in the world, and it's not in the fashion business."

But when Dennis Kneale asked whether the turtlenecks Jobs wears are cashmere sweaters from J. Crew, Drexler replied, "They're not J. Crew. I wish they's not even cashmere."

So where do those turtlenecks come from?

Rumors are the Gap ,  another company Drexler used to run, but I've never seen confirmation. I've got an email into Apple.

Is Drexler upset that he sits on the board of a company where the CEO doesn't wear his clothes? Hardly. "He can do whatever he wants to do." Yes, J. Crew stock has tripled, but Apple stock has doubled, and today Jobs reported strong iPad sales of 450,000 in just six days.

Wait. Forget whether Jobs wears J. Crew! Does Mickey Drexler have an iPad??

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