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Tiger and Nike: The Parodies

The Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods, seen here, will premiere tonight.
Source: Nike

As if Nike and Tiger Woods needed more publicity.

Whether you find it fascinating or creepy, the new Nike ad for Woods is a buzz "hole in one".

And everyone wants a piece of it.

The commercial itself surprised many people, but I'm surprised it took more than 12 hours for parodies to post on YouTube . 

The one getting the most traction so far ran on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! In it, Kimmel "reveals" a second commercialvoiced by Tiger's mother.

This parody swaps out the voice of the late Earl Woods for Morgan Freeman talking about "rehabilitation" in "The Shawshank Redemption".

This one replaces Tiger with some guy named Bob Jenz. Jenz talks back to dad (WARNING: language)

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