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Cramer’s New Approach to Natural Gas

As much as Cramer touts natural gas’ potential, the commodity just isn’t getting enough support in Washington. And now with nat-gas prices dropping, traders are dumping the related stocks en masse. This has forced Cramer to turn his back, at least for now, on all the pure plays he’d been recommending and switch his focus to hybrid oil and gas companies.

A little natural gas doesn’t hurt, as long as it’s exposure to the unconventional North American shales so often mentioned on Mad Money (think: Marcellus). There’s still a ton of foreign interest in these assets, as evidenced by Total and Mitsui . But beyond that investors want companies with more oil than gas these days. Companies like Swift Energy , a Louisiana and Texas-based producer that’s 58% crude.

Swift last week reported a strong quarter and then followed a few days later with a very positive analyst meeting. Cramer likes both the company’s legacy plays in Louisiana and Texas, as well as its new and coming wells in South Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale. Eagle Ford’s is supposed to be more oil heavy than other shales (again, think: Marcellus), and Wells Fargo said Swift’s assets there alone are worth about $15 a share for this $34 stock.

SFY is up 250% over the last year, and it’s just under its 52-week high. Still, Cramer thinks there’s more growth to come. Just how much is the question. That’s why he asked President Bruce Vincent to appear on Mad Money. Watch the video for the full interview.

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