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Tiger Still A Hot Collectible

Given all that Tiger Woods has been through, you would think that prices for his collectibles might have plummeted along with the polls.

Not so much.

Woods’ items on and off line have been selling pretty much in line with previous prices.

Tiger Woods Signed 2008 US Open Red Shirt
Source: eBay

Last week, a signed Tiger Woods Upper Deck rookie card from 2001 sold for $2,400. And while a signed Tiger Woods Sunday red shirt sold for $1,000 on eBay last week, less than half the suggested retail price, it’s more of an anomaly than the rule.

“I was really surprised that prices have held up,” said Jeff Rosenberg, president of Tri-Star Productions, a leading sports memorabilia firm. “We charted it. I had buyers out there looking to capitalize on a drop and get some good deals. But there was nothing to capitalize on. From retail to eBay to other dealers, there just wasn’t any discounting.”

Rosenberg said that one of the reasons why the price hasn’t dropped is that there is a belief that Woods would bounce back on the course. Combine that with the fact that the golfer just doesn’t sign that much each year.

Woods is autographing new product for Upper Deck, which has his exclusive autograph rights, this Friday. The company is selling autographed range balls hit by Tiger for $499, autograph black Nike hats for $999 and autographed golf cleats for $1,399.

The items are scheduled to go on sale either the last week of April or the first week of May.

Update: Woods isn't actually signing the range balls for Upper Deck. Those who buy the ball will receive the ball resting on a signed label attached to a photo of Woods.

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