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CNBC Survey: Hung Parliament Bad for Business

More than three quarters of business leaders think that a hung parliament will be bad for the UK economy, a survey commissioned by CNBC showed Tuesday.

Sharon Lorimer

Asked whether they believe the outcome of a hung parliament is bad for the economy, 34 percent of business leaders said "yes, definitely," while 43 percent said "yes, maybe."

Only 23 percent of business leaders said "no."

The survey, conducted by research firm BDRC Continental on behalf of CNBC, polled 300 senior UK decision makers at mid- to large-size businesses and small- and medium-size enterprises. 

The poll predicts that Conservative leader David Cameron will win the election, with 67 percent of respondents seeing him as an outright winner.

Around 18 percent said Labour would remain in power, while 7 percent believe there will be a hung parliament; 5 percent said the Liberal Democrats could win while 3 percent believe there will be a coalition or said they don't know.

Cameron's popularity among business leaders increased followed the three live televised debates, while Liberal Democrat's Nick Clegg and current Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown fell in the business leaders' opinion poll.