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Scenes from the Greek Protests


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Scenes from the Greek Protests

After the agreement of a $143 million rescue package for Greece, the austerity measures required by the IMF and the EU to stave off economic collapse has the Greek populace protesting in what has become a violent clash with police and government officials.

The austerity measures would see an overhaul in state spending, cutting pensions, wages and benefits of Greek public servants -- in addition to more general cuts in spending and raised taxes- - in order to save 30 billion euros over the next three years. The protests, combined with strikes threatened by union officials, have the potential to paralyze the country's economy, which could make an already dire situation worse.

Despite the protests, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is not expected to be shift plans for austerity measures. Any concessions would be seriously criticized by the German parliament, who is set to vote on the unpopular Greek bailout by the end of the week.

Click ahead for dramatic on-the-ground imagery from the Greek protests in Athens.

(Posted 5 May 2010)