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Centra Bank Launches New Site with T8 Webware Community Institution Renews Web Presence to Encourage Site Navigability, Invite Interest


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa, May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- T8 Webware, a provider of Web development, management and hosting services for the financial industry, announced today a new website launch for Centra Bank, a regional community institution in its tenth year that operates nine branches in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Centra Bank's initial website was very basic in both design and functionality.

Originally developed when the bank opened, it became the framework around which Centra Bank would try to establish a Web presence. Over the years, the bank continued to add more pages to the existing ones, rather than revisiting the site's layout and starting anew. This restricted the bank's ability to build its online brand. As the site was segmented, it became more static and harder to navigate.

"With our ten-year anniversary on the horizon, there was a strong consensus to provide our customers with an entirely new experience on the Web," said Adrienne Davis, vice president marketing for Centra Bank. "We had been layering in new pages for years, delaying much thought or investment in our Web presence because we were busy growing our branch network. We partnered with T8 Webware, which immediately stepped in to guide us through the design process and information gathering. T8 Webware also helped us determine which interactive tools would attract our customers as well as prospects while encouraging them to use the site as a resource on a recurring basis." Another company managed Centra Bank's site prior to T8 Webware, which prevented any updates from being made in real time, leaving the website unchanged. T8 Webware's content management system, FREEDOM8, enables Centra Bank to now add, modify or replace text and images at its own convenience while maintaining FFIEC guidelines and FDIC functional compliance. FREEDOM8 allows users to update content at a moment's notice or schedule content to be published at a later date. It also tracks each change in a running site record, making this information available for future reports and auditing. Davis continued, "FREEDOM8 gives us the flexibility to log-in and make updates anytime and from any location. The tool is appropriately named." In addition to wanting to maintain control of its content, Centra Bank needed a partner that was familiar with community institutions, understanding in a real sense their compliance concerns and benefits of having a dynamic site. T8 Webware focuses on providing Web strategy for financial institutions, therefore developing a solid understanding of the online features that best engage consumers, as well as the content management tactics that minimize the risk of incompliance.

"Centra Bank had taken the same approach to its website as so many other financial institutions, not knowing how to begin justifying it as a priority," Wade Arnold, CEO of T8 Webware, explained. "But in realizing the benefits of a constantly connected Web experience, Centra Bank has evolved its website as a functional, informative tool for both customers and prospects, and as an extension of traditional marketing efforts." About T8 Webware T8 Webware is a strategic Web development, management and hosting firm that caters specifically to financial institutions. The company provides progressive, non-template driven Web sites to more than 150 banks and credit unions, all of which are mobile-enabled. T8 Webware's philosophy is to help financial institutions leverage their most powerful marketing tool, their Web site, to drive new business and build an online marketing presence. Most customers experience an ROI within months because of cross sales, while Web traffic is also dramatically improved.

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