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NEC Display Solutions Introduces IPTV Tuner Module for NEC Large-Format LCD Displays MPD-DTi Tuner Card Transforms NEC Displays into Captivating Source for Digital Signage Applications


CHICAGO, May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today a new accessory for its large-format LCD displays, the MPD-DTi analog, digital and Internet protocol tuner module, a breakthrough in the market for an integrated option slot card. The tuner card allows users to stream content up to 1080P through the built-in expansion slot of NEC's S, P and X Series products.

The new MPD-DTi analog/digital tuner card enables users to broadcast digital signage content while still acting as a standard digital/analog tuner. The addition of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) capabilities allows the delivery of programming through an encoded video stream and supports video and audio decoding formats including MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and WMA. The MPD-DTi is a device designed for IT networks where the screens can receive and display a digital signage video signal, whether it be one channel or multiple via unicast or multicast broadcasting. These environments include corporate buildings, public information areas and airports where the IT infrastructure is set up so that users can store video content at the server's location and stream to the displays' locations throughout the facility.

"By using the MPD-DTi tuner module in conjunction with the expansion slot in NEC's S, P and X Series large-format displays, customers are able to stream video content from a variety of sources, which adds incredible value to existing networks," said Luke Bruschuk, Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. "NEC prides itself on being the first industry leader to offer an integrated tuner card product that has all the features users have come to expect from a typical tuner with the enhancement of IP capabilities. Deploying the MPD-DTi accessory within a network aids administrators with ease in setting up an IPTV network through Unicast or Multicast infrastructure." Below is a partial list of specifications for the MPD-DTi: -- System compatibility with ATSC, NTSC and Clear QAM broadcast signals -- Supports NEC S401, S461, S521, P401, P461, P521, P701, X461UN and X461HB -- Flexible connectivity with RJ-45 Ethernet Port, composite AV out and USB for firmware updates -- Supports multiple video and audio codec along with MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and WMA transport -- Multichannel Television Sound (MTS), a standard that allows the encoding of 3 channels of audio within a standard NTSC (analog) video signal or stereo sound to a television -- Second Audio Program (SAP), which allows an additional audio channel for a second language or the visually impaired -- Customizable closed captioning option for the style, size font and color of displayed text information -- Customizable parental controls and channel locks to safeguard programming -- Streams content via data packets up to 1080p full high-definition -- Compatible with Unicast RTP and Multicast RTP -- Auto scan function scans and detects available channels -- Visual meter on display to determine channel strength -- Statistically assign an IP address or automatically via DHCP enabled networks -- Simplified operation through the display's remote control and on screen display (OSD) The MPD-DTi tuner card will be available for May 2010 shipment at an estimated street price of $259 with a 3-year parts and labor limited warranty.

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