Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril
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Highest Profile Goldman Sachs Alums

Goldman Sachs alums have an extensive history of being closely tied to Washington politics. From Sidney Weinberg in 1907 to Hank Paulson's central role during the 2008 financial crisis, Goldman alums have been deeply involved in government affairs. When the firm's success is correlated with influential positions of its alumni, conspiracy theorists speculate that there is a deep-seeded - or even corrupt - connection between the government and the elite Wall Street firm. On the other hand, Goldman

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Highest Profile Goldman Sachs Alums

There's a long list of Goldman Sachs executives who have played critical roles in government and business, from Sidney Weinberg during the World War II years to Hank Paulson's during the 2008 financial crisis.

Conspiracy theorists, as a result, often try to tie the firm's success to its connections in Washington and other influential institutions. Others simply note that Goldman is known to hire the "best and brightest." That practice has not only given it a competitive edge in the marketplace, it has made its executives ideal candidates for the challenges of public service or other pursuits. And in some cases it also made Goldman an attractive destination after such service.

So, who are the most influential Goldman Sachs alums linked to DC and beyond? Click ahead to find out!

By Gennine Kelly
Posted 25 May 2010

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