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America's Most Stolen Cars

Are car thieves eyeing your vehicle? To get a sense of the cars that are most sought-after by criminals, the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has compiled its list of the cars with the highest relative theft rates. The data only reflects cars manufactured after 2007.

By dissecting the data on insurance claims for theft - both in the rate at which claims are filed and the average size of claim payments - it turns out that some cars have theft rates 3-5 times higher than the average for all vehicles. Vehicles with high theft rates tend to be SUVs and large pickups, while smaller cars that generally bring smaller insurance payments are less likely to be stolen.

"Sedate family cars and fuel sippers aren't on the hot list," says Kim Hazelbaker, HLDI senior vice president. "Thieves are after chrome, horsepower, and HEMIs."

HLDI identifies vehicles with the worst theft losses by counting the number of insurance claims by make and model relative to the number of each make and model insured. This indicates the vehicles that are most likely to be theft targets, taking into account their exposure on the road.

So, what are the 10 favorite cars for thieves in 2010? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul ToscanoPosted 3 Aug 2010

Note: Overall theft losses are average loss payments per insured vehicle year, which is the amount an insurance company pays out, on average, for each model year car they insure.

Photo: Peter Dazely | Photographer’s Choice RF | Getty Images