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Breaking Nudes: Naked Vacations Are Becoming More Popular

Forget the staycation and no-cation. The nation is breaking out of the economic slump and America, it's time for a "nakation!"

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For all of the overclothed readers among us, a nakation is a naked vacation.

And, it seems, Americans are warming to the idea: Nearly one out of every two people surveyed by travel site TripAdvisor said they’d be willing to bare it all at a beach. That’s up from 3 out of 10 last year.

And it's not just campgrounds full of flabby hippies preaching free love. There are an increasing number of naked destinations, including beaches, resorts, cruise lines and spas.

So, why would people choose to take their clothes off in public — if they’re not getting paid for it?

Well, according to the AANR (the American Association of Nude Recreation), vacationing in the nude is more relaxing, relieves stress and, contrary to what you might think — it’s actually good for your self-esteem.

On a more practical note, there are fewer people at nude beaches and resorts.

“It’s not about flaunting one's wares or checking out the eye candy,” explained Amelie Hurst, a spokeswoman for TripAdvisor. “Many travelers say they enjoy these spaces because they can beat the crowds and enjoy the beautiful settings.”

Among the top 10 beaches recommended by TripAdvisor members are Black’s Beachin San Diego, Haulover Beach Parkin Miami, Little Banana Beach (Hey, no judging) in Skiathos, Greece and Orient Beachin St. Martin in the Caribbean.


“Black’s Beach is worth the trip, simply for the scenery — but I'm not necessarily speaking of the naked people,” one member wrote in the reviews. “The cliffs are great on a clear day and you can watch the hang gliders & paraglides and you can take a tandem para-glide if you're brave enough.”

“Just a wonderful beach,” another member said of Little Banana. “Keep your [suit] on if you like but it is much better naked … I assure you that once you sunbathe and swim in the sea naked, you will never want to wear bathers again.”

Some people view nakations as a good excuse to pack light. A recent survey showed 2 percent of travelers choose nakations as a way to avoid airline baggage fees, cheap-flight finder reports.

For those looking for a little more, ahem, action, than a nude beach, Skyscanner offers the top five top naked destinations: The naked saunaat the Kotiharju Sauna in Helsinki Finland; naked golfat the La Jenny naturist resort in southwest France; the naked village in Costa Natura, Spain, which has over 200 apartments for buff residents; the hadaka matsuri, or naked festival, thrown every year in several Japanese towns, the most famous of which is in of Okayama; and — wait for it — naked scuba diving at destinations around the world through Buff Divers.

If you’re nervous about taking a nakation, check out the AANR’s FAQ’s on nude recreation— that should help answer all of your pressing questions like, “Do I have to be nude all the time?” and “Do men ever get, um, excited on a nakation?”

Speaking of which, if this is your first time planning a nakation, you might want to read the “Your First Visit” section, lest you behave like a 12-year old boy and embarrass us all.

And, this is America, land of the free and home of the home delivery, so you can also order a “Nakation in a Box” for $74.00 plus shipping and handling.

Alas, you won’t find a nude woman in there, but you’ll get a courtesy towel, sunscreen, temporary tattoos that say “I’m in a nakation state of mind!” and much, much more. Plus, keep the box on your coffee table for a convenient bragging opportunity — and wear the “Caution: Clothes May Come Off Without Warning” T-shirt to freak-out the in-laws!

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