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Strikes Hit Commuters

London's morning commute was thrown into disarray Tuesday after a 24-hour union strike that left the subway system—the tube—all but closed. In France, strikes shut down trains, planes, buses, subways, post offices and schools.

Without London’s underground rail system, commuters faced the choice of cycling, cramming into buses or walks of up to 1 hour to get to work. Strikes by maintenance workers began Sunday, but the big impact to service started at 9 pm Monday local time as ticket and service staff walked off the job.

Those workers and their union protesting 800 job cuts planned to trim the budget of Transport for London. In France, the strike coincides with the start of debate in parliament over a plan to overhaul the money-losing pension system so it will break even in 2018. Commuters in Paris packed into cars during the reduced service, and London buses were overflowing. City sidewalks were full of walkers and thousands of bikers took to the streets in both capitals.

So, what do the streets of these two European capitals look like amid the strikes? Click ahead for scenes from the commuter troubles in London and Paris.

By Kim Khan, CNBC Europe
Posted 7 Sept 2010

Photo: Pierre Verdy | AFP | Getty Images