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Top 10 American Companies (Updated)

The theme of “Investing in America” is a concept fully endorsed by Mad Money. Cramer ran a series with the same name back in December 2009, updated his list in September 2010 and is now taking that theme on the road—to Detroit.Don't miss it on Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 6PM ET!

But aside of Ford, who else makes Cramer's list of top American companies? We're rerunning the story for you now, with one small but significant update, because while there's a ton of doom and gloom from analysts and the press about the U.S. economy, these manufacturers are thriving right now.

“We are witnessing the first stages of its rise,” Cramer said of the sector, “with our best-of-breed industrial companies … poised to make fortunes as the recovery in the world’s economies really begins to heat up.”

That means if you’re going to buy these stocks, then you better do so soon. Cramer’s strategy? Start a position in any the following 10 names the next time you get a pullback in share price.

Just who are these American industrial titans? Click ahead to find out!

Re-posted 7 January 2011