Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

JPM Suspends 56,000 Foreclosures, Potentially Invalid Documents to Blame


Moody’s cuts Spain from AAA (

Elizabeth Warren speaks to banking executives at Financial Services Roundtable dinner.(New York Times) (Oh, to have been a fly on that wall.)

JPM suspends 56,000 foreclosures, potentially invalid documents to blame. (New York Times)

Handicapping today’s senate banking committee: Derivates, CFPB, and FSOC are likely topics. (

AIG and Gov’t agree on plan to return company to private hands. (Wall Street Journal) Plan expected to cover how $13 billion owed to NY Fed will be repaid.

House passes legislation criticizing China’s Renminbi policy, threatening tariff. (Financial Times) China condemns “protectionism”

Ireland’s bank bailout deepens:(Financial Times)Senior bond holders to be made whole, subordinated bond holders position uncertain