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What Were They Thinking?

The fast food restaurant is a fixture of urban, suburban and rural America, appealing to people from every age group, income bracket and ethnic background. It’s as close as you can get in the United States to something everyone can agree on.

Despite their dominant position in the US marketplace, the Taco Bells, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts of the nation still have to attract customers; kitchen staff, marketing departments and research teams are constantly looking for new ways to court them. However, not all of the ideas can be on a par with the Big Mac, and sometimes, they fall squarely into the “what were they thinking?” category, as anyone who’s tried to eat a McLobster sandwich can attest.

Click ahead and see the 15 products, practices and promotions that have been noteworthy fast food failures.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 18 Oct 2010

Photo: George Doyle | Stockbyte | Getty Images