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Comcast Takes Its Content to the iPad

Comcast is bringing "TV Everywhere" mobile. The cable giant just announced a new Xfinity TV app, to allow digital TV subscribers to watch TV and program their DVRs, first on Apple's iPad and iPhone, with versions coming for Android devices later this year.


This step to give subscribers access to premium content on demand and on the go is a push to keep customers from "cutting the cord" and to compete with the likes of Netflix's streaming iPad app. (Comcast is awaiting federal approval to merge with NBCU, which operates CNBC.??)

The big fear looming over the pay TV business is that customers will drop their video subscriptions for content over the web—Netflix, Hulu, Amazonetc. This announcement comes on the heels of earnings reports, which revealed that cable carriers are losing their lower-tier video subscribers.

The Xfinity TV app aims to give consumers more reason to keep paying—it's a TV guide, a mobile video player, a remote control, and a way to remotely program a DVR. Subscribers can create a "watch list," not unlike a Netflix queue. And since everything now is social- Comcast allows subscribers to access Facebook and Twitter to share what they're watching with their friends.

Neil Smith, President of Comcast Cable will demo the new app at the Web 2.0 conference in San Fran today. I'll be reporting from the conference so check back for more updates!

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