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Notorious insider trading cases

News broke this week that federal authorities were about to bring to light a major insider trading case against some big financial players in the hedge fund, mutual fund and investment world. As Wall Street awaits the results of the investigation, we took a look at several insider trading that made headlines. Take a look at the people, companies and publications involved.

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High-Profile Cases

Federal investigators are examining some well-timed trades made by golf champ Phil Mickelson and golf course owner and Las Vegas gambler William T. Walters. Authorities say the two men made big, profitable bets on Clorox around the time activist investor Carl Icahn launched hostile takeover bids for the company. No charges have been filed, and Icahn asserts that his record is "unblemished."

As Wall Street keeps its eyes on this investigation, here are some other insider trading cases that made headlines.


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