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Australia Flood Disaster


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Australia Flood Disaster

The devastating floods, Australia, which killed at least 30 people and sent tens of thousands fleeing from their homes, have been described as a disaster ''of biblical proportions'' by a local politician.

The devastation has affected 22 towns and cities across the Queensland state, flooded mines and brought the country’s third biggest city, Brisbane, to a standstill.

The catastrophe is now threatening to inundate the southeast state of Victoria, with rising floodwaters threatening hundreds of homes, amid the state's worst floods in 15 years.

Estimates for the total cost of damage and lost revenue from the flooding that have grown to nearly $20 billion.

Economists expect rebuilding to take years.

These are images captured from the floods.

By: Geraldine Tan
Updated on 24 January 2011

First posted 12 January 2011

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