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Could Eminem Be Chrysler's New Pitch Man?

Eminem in Chrysler commercial
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Eminem and Chrysler.

The two hooking up for a Super Bowl adhas been a huge hit.

So big, there are reports Eminem and Chrysler are talking about getting together and doing it again. According to The Detroit Bureau, Eminem and the head of the Chrysler brand are meeting to discuss doing more commercials. Officially Chrysler won't comment. But when I talk with leaders at Chrysler it is clear they want to ride the wave of interest they are getting after the Super Bowl ad.

Which brings up the question: Would Eminem be a good pitch man for Chrysler?

The reason his Chrysler spot worked on Sunday is because it was refreshingly honest and dramatically different from the other car ads that ran during the Super Bowl. In my opinion, only VW's Darth Vader adalso broke away from the pack. The Eminem/Chrysler spot works due to the voice-over describing the hopes and dreams of people in Chrysler and Detroit. It's straight forward and leads up to Eminem, a Detroit native, saying on camera, "This is the Motor City and this is what we do." It was so different it made millions go online to watch the ad pushing the Chrysler 200.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne loves the spot. When I caught up with him at the Chicago Auto Show he told me, "The values that are represented in that commercial are Chrysler's values. This is what makes the organization tick and move on. But more importantly I think it said a lot about this country and it is something that we have cherished and nurtured over the last 20 months as we came out of bankruptcy. And you know I think it is a good basis on which to build a great future for Chrysler."

Chrysler's New Path

The spot has been so successful, it raises the question of whether Eminem pitching Chrysler would have that type of impact over time.

If there are more ads featuring the rapper, would it continue to make people say, "yes, I want to check out Chrysler"?

Or is it possible Eminem's effectiveness would wear thin?

His attitude and persona were perfect for the Super Bowl ad, but would that attitude work over time?

One thing is clear, Chrysler wants to ride this wave of renewed interest as long as possible. Folding the rapper into new spots with the tag line "Imported from Detroit" could be a wise investment for the auto maker.

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