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Your Line is What?

Certain job ads attract candidates who are barking up the wrong tree, whether it’s due to wishful thinking, careless reading, or a simple lack of understanding what the job is all about.

"We once had job [listings] for Java Server Architects—a very technical job. We were getting a lot of resumes from candidates who were not a fit,” says Heidi Golledge, co-founder and CEO of CareerBliss.com. “I called one of them to chat about why he applied. He said he had years of experience serving coffee at Denny's so he would consider himself a java server architect."

With anecdotal evidence like this as a starting point, CareerBliss pulled data on job ads that attracted candidates who misunderstood the job title or description, resulting in this list of the most commonly misunderstood jobs.

"Today's jobs are becoming more and more specific, especially in the tech and healthcare industries,” said Matt Miller, Co-founder and CTO of CareerBliss. “This can be great for candidates with experience in specialized fields, but can often be confusing for those who misinterpret a job title."

Click ahead to see what all the confusion is about.

Derek E. Rothchild | Getty Images