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Entegris: A Tech Stock Worth Considering?

Can ENTG Withstand Down Cycle?

There are so many things going wrong for technology stocks right now, Cramer said Friday.

After all, this is historically a bad time of year to own tech stocks. Things always slow down during the summer. The space is also suffering from the Japanese supply disruptions and concerns over a tablet glut. It's just too many issues for a stock to overcome, Cramer said. For that reason, he can't recommend owning tech stocks right now. He can, however, recommend owning tech names for when Japan comes back online, the summer is over and the prices reflect nothing, but negatives.

Take Entegris , for example. It is a small, $1.2 billion company that makes a component essential to the semiconductor industry. Cramer thinks it could very well withstand the current down cycle. It specifically makes products that are used to help keep semiconductor and disk-drive materials contamination free during the manufacturing process.

The company recently reported a strong quarter, so to learn what's ahead, Cramer invited CEO Gideon Argov onto "Mad Money." Check out the video to see the full interview.

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