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The World's Most Expensive Cities

Human resources consultant ECA International has drawn up its latest list of the world’s most expensive cities for U.S. expatriates. The survey examined 400 cities and regions across the world, and measured a basket of common items purchased by foreign workers in U.S. dollars terms, including food, clothing and electrical goods.

The ranking excludes housing and school fees, because those two items aren’t usually covered by companies in their cost-of-living adjustments, ECA said.

Some of the most expensive cities aren’t necessarily the ones many would expect. In fact, rising currencies have played a big role in this year’s rankings, helping several cities move up the list.

Here are the most expensive cities in the world for U.S. expatriates.

By Ansuya Harjani
Posted 15 June 2011

Photo: Darrell Gulin | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images