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Stocks with Value Have the Most Traction: Pro

As insurance deductibles continue to go up in the U.S., investors should look into stocks with more value in the coming days, according to Bill Smead, founder of Smead Capital Management.

Aflac, Smead said, has a lot of potential.

"More and more companies are going to provide employees the opportunity to buy supplemental health insurance. I don't think anybody can name the number two company in the industry...regardless of whether they have any interest in health insurance [they] know exactly who Aflac is."

Smead's Other Picks:

- Walt Disney

- eBay

In the same interview, Michael Gault, of Weiser Capital Management, said he looks for stocks with the potential to achieve market yields or higher.

"Value in the absence of yield is what we are trying to avoid," Gault said. He said he is trying to avoid Cisco , where there is lot of value, but not not much of an income stream.

Gault's Picks:

Gault said Exxon Mobil and Johnson & Johnson are a few key stocks he likes going into next week.

He said the one constant investors can count on for the summer months is volatility.

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