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Art Cashin: All Eyes on Greece Even After Austerity Plan

Jessica Naziri|Special to

Greece's parliament approved deeply unpopular austerity measures on Wednesday, despite worsening violence. Art Cashin, director of floor operations for UBS Financial Services, told CNBC that this is a "classic event in history."

Art Cashin's Trader's Edge

"Picasso on drugs could not paint a picture like this," Cashin said, referring to Greek rioters on the streets of Athens.

Markets around the world watched as Greek lawmakers approved a five-year package of spending cuts, tax increases and state asset sales by a comfortable margin of 155 votes to 138 in a roll-call vote.

Cashin added that one can't be too dismissive or overlook the current state of Greece.

"Human lives are at risk, thankfully none have been taken so far," Cashin said.

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