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Homes on the Range

Most celebrities who count farms and ranches among their personal residences are not likely to be the ones tilling the fields or cleaning out the stables. They are still rich and famous, after all.

These property owners might be better described as “gentlemen farmers,” in that food is grown on land they own. Or they may only be called “ranchers,” in that they sometimes like to ride the horses that live on their property.

Still, these multiacre rural residences are a long way from the urban landscape of Los Angeles or New York—although one of them is located just minutes from Sunset Boulevard. Some of celebrity owners wear their ecological beliefs on their sleeves and are taking them to another level, while others just want a rustic property big enough to give a concert or to park their car and airplane collection. That said, one thread seems to run through this group of celebs: They’re a little on the earthy side.

The selections here, with numerous suggestions provided by Zillow.com, include a range of antique to modern homes. They represent both current and past locations, where famous people got back to the land—even if only temporarily. More often than not, their properties included private accommodation for plenty of friends and family, or even renting guests.

Click ahead to find out which musicians, actors, and business titans bought the farm (or ranch).

By Colleen Kane
Posted 12 July 2011
Updated 25 October 2012

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