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The Gohd Standard: Is the Debt Deal A Floor for Equities?

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Is the debt ceiling crisis really a potential equity floor?

Matt Gohd of Revere Securities points out that while today's post-ISM data weakness is being taken by many as a sign that things could get worse, driving the VIX close to the highest levels in years, the debt crisis sell-off over the past week could mark another bottom for stocks.

"Today's drop may have taken the bullishness out of the market," he said.

In short, he's reading it as a buying opportunity.

Gohd is a contrarian trader to whom I frequently speak about markets.

He tells me is is looking at Cincinnati Bell "as they are generating 20 percent cash-flow yields." 

Gohd's calls have been spot on this year. In May he predicted a 10 percent decline in the market he called the "what me worry market." In June he reversed the call, saying it was time to buy stocks. On July 8, he switched courses again, declaring the market had decided that the good times were rolling again—always a sell signal for a contrarian like Gohd.

Keep in mind that Gohd is a trader and may or may not hold positions in all of the investments he mentions.


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