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What's On: Clorox, Comcast and Newt Gingrich

Jason Gewirtz|Senior Producer

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--We'll start counting down to Friday's big number. We'll have reaction to Wednesday's ADP Jobs Report and the Challenger Report.

--There are also several big companies releasing their quarterly reports. On the list: Mastercard , CloroxComcast, Owens Corning and Molex.

--We also have Newt Gingrich on the big show. The former Speaker of the House and current Republican Presidential candidate is talking economy, Dodd-Frank and about the debt ceiling debate.

--Plus, key market moving data: ISM Services and Factory Orders will give us another glimpse into the real state of the American economy.

--As for the Street Poll: The markets have taken a real hit in the last week. All three major indexes are down more than five percent in the last five trading sessions. The Dow is now down for eight straight days. This morning we want to know what you're doing with your money? Share your opinion.


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